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Rising unemployment has forced many to turn to multiple sources of income. Freelancing is among the ones that have attracted Pakistani youth the most. A few years ago, Freelancing was a part-time job, and people used to do it when they had no job or wanted to earn some side income. However, today, Freelancing is considered a profession and a full-time job.

Freelancing is the future of Pakistan, and it has become a highly welcoming career not only in Pakistan but across the world. Moreover, companies such as Google and the most popular internet company favor freelancers for business. The recent Pandemic forced many businesses to embrace online presence, as only online companies survived.

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As many businesses entered the digital world, competition also increased. Businesses need digital marketers, graphic designers, web designers, mobile app developers, and more to stay competitive, and freelancers started to provide these services and make a handsome income.

The sudden demand for freelancers encouraged many people to master Freelancing, make a good income from the comfort of their homes, and choose flexible working hours.

Many digital gurus emerged on YouTube. They taught people about the foundation of digital marketing, and most of them focused on selling digital marketing tools. 

Many students failed to learn digital skills and wanted to attend practical lessons. It is how Enrollers came into being. We have identified opportunities and continuously strive to improve and provide the most advanced IT education and digital skills to the next generation of digital innovators so they can compete for the best jobs and access good economic opportunities. In the past few years, we have trained internees, fresh graduates, and those with limited education and resources, including housewives and job holders. 

We have realized that giving youth the proper education and digital skills they need remains one of Pakistan’s most pressing challenges. We know the power of skill development over any college or university degree. Our years of experience in the software industry make us perfect for delivering quality education and enhancing the IT workforce in the local and international markets through freelancing skills.

At Enrollers, all the courses are designed by industry leaders and specialists with years of experience in their relevant fields. We also assist our students in setting up a startup business & provide them education on multiple sources of earning money online through Freelancing. YES, that’s true, and we’ll make it possible until you achieve a handsome amount online or get an incredible job.

Let’s educate and inspire the next generation of digital innovators!

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Today, the world has reached greatness in technology. Still, technology is evolving rapidly, and according to Wired magazine, by the year 2050, there will be 9 billion people to feed, clothe, employ, educate and entertain. Currently, billions of people are already at the bottom of the economy, and youth underemployment is an epidemic in many countries. Many have lost faith in their leaders and believe they can no longer improve their living standards. Leaders want new options as much as everyone else, and with new technologies, there is still hope for a better and more prosperous world.

With the introduction of the metaverse, bots, and AI, anyone can run their meta world from everywhere. Whether you’re in silicon valley or a small village in Pakistan won’t matter. People would work remotely. You can buy and sell products from anywhere in the world. Most people are embracing this era of the advanced digital world, and there is high demand for digital skills with just a few dollars. Also, in a short time, students can master skills and earn a high income, compared to traditional education, 

where students need to spend at least four years with millions of rupees to earn a graduate degree and still start a professional career from a basic income.

We believe in breaking this stereotype and offering the proper knowledge and tools to our students for them to succeed. Most of our skilled employees have been with us from the start and have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. They have managed projects of various challenges, trained many internees, and are also highly certified and experienced in their respected position. Thanks to them, Enrollers is an emerging beacon of light not only in Rawalpindi / Islamabad but across Pakistan.

Understanding we are on a mission to equip Pakistani youth with the latest knowledge and skills and aim to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the digital and IT sector, aligning with the country’s digital strategy.


We’re focused on creating a skill-driven mindset in Pakistan. This basically means shifting the way we look at employment in Pakistan. With our professional assistance we solely aim to make you capable enough to start your own career or self-business.

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To push you to take practical action steps towards making these things happen! We make it happen by providing free access to IT resources, project supervision and teams from various backgrounds to ensure 100% success in any field of professional life. It will help Enrollers to contribute to the growth of Pakistan’s economy, opening more horizons and eliminating maximum unemployment so that Pakistanis can excel in any IT and E-Commerce field globally.

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