Frequently Asked Questions

As we are purely a skill development platform, there are no previous degree or minimum education requirements.

It is clearly mentioned in the courses section.

The duration of each course is mentioned on their pages. The duration also varies from course to course.

Yes, online classes are offered to limited students based on the type of courses being requested and a number of students to enroll. Please submit your request here for online classes.

Yes! We offer both an internship letter from Webicosoft (Private) Limited and a certification letter from Enrollers.

Yes, on weekends we offer crash courses which can be found on our website courses catalog.

Internship is part of each course and is not mandatory. Still, we recommend doing it as this matures your skills and helps to practice the training course in a friendly environment under the supervision of a senior professional team.

No, each registration belongs to one person and is not transferable or exchangeable.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Call Us 24/7

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