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Get access and hands-on practical training on the latest premium tools worth $2000+

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Train with our managers on live projects to grow your knowledge and gain work experience.

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CEO Adeel Arshad
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CEO Adeel Arshad

Mr. Adeel started his freelancing journey during college and was among the few who earned a handsome income. He founded his software house very early and has trained thousands of students since then. He has been through the ups and downs in business ventures, which makes him an excellent mentor due to vast experience and exposure in freelancing, teaching and entrepreneurship. 

Webicosoft is an internationally acclaimed leading agency offering high quality services and solutions including digital marketing, mobile app development, web design and development, professional trainings, consultancy and more. Webicosoft and Enrollers will be working together for the betterment and success of Pakistani youth.

Adeel Malik is one of the top rated freelancer with excellent Job Success Score (JSS) on Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc., and has worked 10,000+ hours on these freelancing platforms. Adeel aims to share his knowledge with the youth of Pakistan and assist them in succeeding by providing the proper knowledge and skills.

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Meetups & Workshops

Looking for freelancing courses in Pakistan? Explore our comprehensive freelance courses list, including freelancing courses online. At Enrollers, we connect you with mentors, enabling live discussions and solutions for your challenges. Our workshops provide practical training to enhance your skills. Whether you’re searching for a freelancing course online or a freelancing course near me in Pakistan, Enrollers is your one-stop destination for a complete learning experience.

Meetups And Workshops
Crash Courses

Crash Courses

At Enrollers, we provide weekend crash courses designed to accommodate busy candidates, offering a swift and cost-effective path to enhancing your skills. Whether you’re interested in a Python freelancer course, freelance digital marketing course, freelance graphic design course, freelance writing course, or freelance web developer course, our crash courses empower you to acquire valuable knowledge efficiently.

Practical Lessons

At our institute, we offer practical and in-house-based IT courses, computer courses, graphic design courses, and web development courses in Pakistan. Furthermore, we are the only solution to “SEO courses near me” in Islamabad Rawalpindi. Our unique approach allows students to actively engage with live projects, providing valuable hands-on experience. Experienced mentors guide students through every step of the learning process, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn and practice with premium tools. For short courses in Islamabad that prioritize practical skills and real-world applications, look no further than our programs.

Practical Lessons

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